Stories from the Scrapstore


Happy birthday your Majesty!

Catherine was very pleased to be able to join Bridge Lane Nursery in Battersea on Thursday for their Queens Birthday Party. All the children were wearing fancy dresses and smart suits, with crowns and tiaras. Union Jack bunting was hung in the playground and scatter cushions were spread across the floor. After the National Anthem was played (and sung along to beautifully) the children played traditional party games including hooking the ducks, limbo dancing and trying to burst the piñata (balloon filled with sparkly glitter). Paul (their Manager) got a ‘royal’ soaking when he became Queen and the children threw soaking wet sponges at him! There was a fantastic tea of cakes, sausage rolls,

Scrapstore Enriched

We love the local charity Be-Enriched as they support a cause close to our hearts - minimising waste - and they do it by sharing things! They make community meals for low income, elderly and lonely people using supermarket waste (food that is still good but near its sell-by-date). Our very own Freyja and Teresa recently joined the local meal at Tooting United Reformed Church on Rookstone Road to run a craft session making Frejya's famous butterflies out of paper waste. Some gorgeous art work was made as you will see with our lovely photos. Freyja and Teresa had a great time meeting the people and sharing a delicious meal full of tasty and nutritious food - you can see how tasty the bruschet

Extra helpers - thank you Sotheby's!

How fantastic to be lucky enough to have a gang of extra volunteers for the day on 26th May! We are so grateful to our five lovely helpers from Sotheby's, who donated a day of their time to get some of our long outstanding jobs out of the way, and to shift some of our never ending fabric and bottle-top mountains. Thank you Kathyrn, Tamara, Eleanor, Premi and Thymmie for your support. You would be welcome back any time! Hope you had fun with us. If you'd like to organise a day's voluntary for your company, do get in touch!

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