Stories from the Scrapstore


Hello to Brixton Learning Collective!

We are thrilled to welcome the Brixton Learning Collective to the Scrapstore as new members! On 3rd October, our fabulous Ruth Moyler (SLE in creative learning) ran a workshop for a lovely group of their Early Years practitioners. The focus of the session was to consider the merits of presenting children with creative choices rather than with a pre-defined right or wrong outcome. Happily the group were already converts! We also had fun making milk bottle puppets - suitable for robust and outdoor play. Ruth welcomes keen visitors to her 'Green Studio' run out of the playground at her school in Peckham. She also runs teacher training around facilitating creative experiences for children in

Keep on running!

We were delighted to welcome 23 members of the Wandsworth Good Gym to the store on Monday evening. We opened the store up specially to welcome the largest team of speed volunteers that we’ve yet had the pleasure of hosting. They carried out multiple tasks in a 45-minute whirl – cleaning, painting, flattening boxes, transporting wallpaper, paint (and a few wooden trees). And then they were gone – on the run back to Battersea Arts Centre, where they started and finished their evening’s run. You can read their blog about it here.

Registered in England as Wandsworth Work and Play

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