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Using Sticky Backed Metal Tape

This week, Freyja, one of our talented volunteers, looks at how to make amazing embossed designs with very simple tools.

freya art.jpg

Looking at some uninspiring shiny metal rolls provokes the question -

“What is this and what can we do with it?”

Well this is the basic material for one of the simplest and most exciting crafts - metal embossing. No special tools are needed; a spent ball point pen, knitting needle, mouse mat and kitchen roll to get started. Sequin waste, washers, buttons and string are interesting additions, and stickers, sequins, glitter glue etc. can be used for extra decoration.

Finished work can be fixed onto card with staples and /or paper fasteners and buttons can easily be stitched on.

Freya chick.jpg

For the faux aged metal effect black and gold/bronze acrylic paint is needed and for colouring, Sharpies or other (cheap) marker pens produce lovely brilliant hues over metal. Adults can help small children with gluing on decorations if needed.

There are lots of exciting uses for finished work - wall hangings, box tops, cards, decorations, frames, covered toilet and kitchen roll tubes.

From very simple for small children - boys and girls- to advanced and sophisticated for older children and adults this is a great craft; never boring, with lots of scope for individual design.

This is a great introduction to embossing in general and using and controlling tools and materials to develop dexterity for future craft work .

Freya portrait.jpg

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