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Come to the store on Thursdays: get some crafty ideas with our demonstrations

One of our members, Jean Nicols from Bramble House School participated today in a demo run by our talented volunteer Freyja. Today Freyja was demonstrating embossing which she says is really easy when you know how. Jean enjoyed herself very much and asked us when we would be running more demonstrations - we think she went away happy!

Freyja is running demonstrations of craft skills, using items from the Scrapstore on Thursdays from 11am-3pm. She welcomes all to drop in and have a try!

This is a new initiative for the Scrapstore from September and we are very enthusiastic about giving the opportunity for our members to learn some new skills and/or get ideas of what to make some some of our lovely stuff!

Please come and join us if you can!

freya art.jpg
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