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Happy New Year!

There are a massive number of reasons why volunteering for Work and Play is a great idea, but one which really stands out at this time of year is how great it is to work with such talented, creative people.

Did you read all about our AGM back in November? Well, the paper folding workship came in very useful when it came to sending out our Christmas cards. We're sure that anyone who received one of these beautiful cards through the post in December would have been thrilled at the care taken, and all made with our 'scrap'.

The very talented Freyja, who ran that, and other, workshops for us, was also kind enough to give all the regular volunteers a fabulous gift of homemade Christmas tree decorations.

xmas dec.jpg


Made entirely from our materials, they look as good as professionally made decorations but with more love and care.

Here you can see mine, hanging on my parents' tree, where I hope they'll decorating it for many years to come.

Now that the holiday season is well and truly over, January can be a bit bleak for some, but here at the Scrapstore our volunteers all work hard to make the place as cheerful as possible. Just look at this amazing cake that Elaine brought in this week! It might have been raining outside, but inside the Scrapstore it was all sunshine.

elaine cake 2.jpg
elaine cake 1.jpg

Are you interested in volunteering with us? If you're interested in joining our amazing team, call us on 020 8682 4216 or go here to find out more.

Bookmark this page to make sure you don't miss out on any of the exciting things that we'll be getting up to in 2015 here at Work and Play Scrapstore

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