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Scrapstore prize winners!

We are thrilled that the prize for 'Sculpt a Superhero' competition run by Western Riverside Waste Authority, membership of the Scrapstore, has been announced!

The Waste Authority were so impressed with the competition entries that they chose not one but two winners!

Congratulations to Reay Primary School and Lark Hall Primary School for designing amazing Superheros that we are sure could save us from the dangers of incineration or landfill! We look forward to welcoming you as Scrapstore members from September.

Runner-up prizes of an 'arty party' from our Scrapstore Mobile Green Studio go to: Larkhall Rise Centre for Autism, Stockwell Primary School, St Jude's School Lambeth and Reay Primary School. We are looking forward to visiting you later in the year to see what treasures you generate from our trash.

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