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Cardboard Superstars!

We were delighted to visit more WRWA competition winners on 7th March - Reay Primary School - and deliver their prize: a reuse craft session from the Scrapstore. It gives us great pleasure to get out and about and see children getting creative with our junk treasure. Our materials this time came from a wide variety of donors - from offices to shop windows, design studios to high street, fabric manufacturers to architects.

Nicola Curran's Year One class were absolute superstars with their fantastic cutting, sticking and super imaginations! All sorts of people were made out of our junk and when completed met on the classroom carpet to have a party. Can you see DJ Spider Man, Charlie Chaplin and his 'girl version', Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, the little girl on holiday in Morocco and the red Indian?

See you at the Scrapstore soon Reay School!

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