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Richmond May Fair

We had a blast at the Richmond May fair on 13th May, from erecting our new gazebo in the rain to making lots of new friends and meeting potential new members. We sold oodles of beautiful crafts handmade by our fabulous volunteers and bucket-loads of gorgeous Scrapstore treasure for people's arts and crafts projects. Our favourite sale was of Hansa's quilt to a couple for their new granddaughter, born 2 days ago.

It was great to see West London Waste with their recycled compost and we made new special friends - Tops Musical Theatre Company - who bought a huge basket of pom poms from us to use in the their up-coming performance of 'Barnum'.

Special thanks to Catherine, Freyja, Rachel, Gill and Lucy for helping out on the stall, to Hansa, Berit and Gill of making all of the gorgeous handmade crafts and to Freyja for her tireless preparation of all of our goodies to sell.

If you saw us there and are interested in joining the Scrapstore, please come and visit us soon to take advantage of our treasure trove of materials!

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