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Viennese Visitor!

We were delighted to welcome Elmar Schwarzlmüller from the Eco Council in Vienna a couple of weeks ago. It was a pleasure to meet him and hear about the project he is part of. This is what Elmar told us about the fantastic work going on in Vienna and his visit to Work and Play Scrapstore:

"In our current project, we’re looking at how Repair & Do-it-Yourself Practices can contribute to the development of sustainable urban districts. As part of the project we will also develop and realize Repair & Do-it-Yourself activities in certain districts in Vienna. We are trying to develop new ideas, but on the other hand it’s always a good idea to look at what’s already there. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel, especially when there’s good projects, of which you can learn from . That’s why we are looking at Best Practices in London and Berlin. And I have to say, this visit was absolutely worth it. Some information on our project can be found at

Thank you again for welcoming me to the Work & Play Scrapstore, I really enjoyed my visit. You and your team are definitely doing a great work for the community there. And everyone seems to be enjoying it and having a good and productive time :)"

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