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Cooltan Art's Festival of Wellbeing

Our super-creative Trustee Gill Upton ran a workshop last weekend at Cooltan Art's inaugural Wellbeing Festival. This is what she had to say about the event:

"Ribbons, sequin waste, felt fabric squares, sticky-back paper, buttons, ribbons, feathers and dried flowers were among the Scrapstore re-use materials put to great use last Saturday.

Work and Play Scrapstore hosted a workshop there at what looks certain to become an annual event for the charity, whose aim is to enhance mental wellbeing through the power of creativity.

The workshop attracted festival goers keen to unleash their creative juices by transforming humble cardboard boxes into stunning keepsake containers. They glued, cut, shaped, knitted our lovely Scrapstore arts and crafts materials. The results are striking."

Elizabeth Morrow, Cootan's Festival organiser said:

Thanks again for organising the workshop on Saturday. It was a huge success – we must have had about 15 people making keepsake boxes...Thanks again for agreeing to be part of the event...We really loved working with you and it seems like people found the box-making really therapeutic."

We hope to be there at the next festival! Thanks for having us Cooltan!

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