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It's easy to donate to us!

Do you have surplus materials?  Don’t bin them – be green and get in touch with us first as we are only taking pre-approved donations until further notice. Please email us with your request on!


We are interested in both commercial and domestic donations of paper, fabric, card, foam board (incl printed on one side), widgets, buttons, trimmings, bubble wrap, foam, paint, carpet samples, wallpaper, fine wire, tubing, rope, surplus art supplies and window dressings. In other words, stuff that is left-over, clean and re-useable and would otherwise go to incineration, land-fill or long-term storage.


If you care about your environmental footprint, want to ‘be green’ and help numerous local schools, charities, and community organisations at the same time, please get in touch.


Unfortunately we cannot accept domestic recycling (e.g. the insides of toilet roll, food containers, plastic take-out tubs), electrical goods, ring binders, clothes (we do accept costumes) used bedding and books. If you bring these items to us, we will send them away with you again as we have to dispose of them ourselves and have no waste disposal facilities on site.

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