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Membership Annual Fees 2014/15


The table below gives an approximate indication of our fees for annual membership. 

* For higher numbers, add £3 per additional 10 user

* For higher numbers, add £3 per additional 10 users

"The Work and Play store has provided us with materials that were fantastic for our workshops. Alongside the exhibition 'Inspirational Objects: Nature as Designer', their wonderful collection was indeed inspirational for our visitors"

Pump House Gallery,

Wandsworth Borough Council

"The scrap project in Wandsworth is one of the borough's best kept secrets. It is like stepping into an Aladdin's cave full of treasures and discovery. Every area in our nursery has something we have used from the venue. Fabrics for textured cushions for babies, curtains, paper, card, containers and artefacts for treasure baskets, buttons and many diverse materials"

 Jane Mennie,

Bridge Lane Nursery

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