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About Us

Work and Play Scrapstore is a registered charity which has been operating in the Wandsworth area for over 30 years. We promote the reuse of reclaimable or lost resources for environmental and community benefit.  We pursue a wide range of initiatives in the furtherance of our Charitable objects and to raise funds for our work. Charitable donations help fund Scrapstore.

Click here (pdf) to download our introductory leaflet or here to take a virtual tour of our Scrapstore.



Scrapstore is a fantastic treasure trove presenting waste and surplus goods as arts and crafts materials to inspire creativity. You will find paper and paint, textiles and trimmings, buttons and bubble wrap, wood and wondrous props, foam and fine wire and so much more. Stocks vary each week, with many materials sourced from eco-friendly and big brand companies.


Access to Scrapstore is for our members who pay a nominal membership fee. Lead-in membership fees start as little as £30 pa. Our members can make unlimited visits to the store to collect materials at no additional cost once the membership fee is paid. All members must use materials for educational, artistic, play, creative, social or therapeutic activities or making items to be sold solely for charitable benefit. We do not supply individuals or companies who will sell on or use our materials for commercial gain.


We always welcome new members and our current membership includes: schools, FE colleges, community groups, charities, students, home educators, families, workshops leaders, therapists and artists.

Scrapstore Opening Times & Access

We are open:

Tuesdays 11.00am - 8.00pm

Thursdays 11.00am - 5.00pm

Our premises is accessible for wheelchair users and disabled people.


Due to the nature of our supplies, there may be some sharp heavy obstacles in the store therefore:

  • it is an unsuitable environment for children under the age of 12 and we do not permit their access for Health and Safety reasons.

  •  vulnerable young people and adults may need supervision in Scrapstore.

Our green credentials


We slow down the waste cycle by redirecting over 60 tonnes per year of waste and surplus otherwise destined for incineration or landfill.


Around 100 London and Southern-based businesses donate their waste to us regularly and approximately 150 households per year donate their re-useable waste to us. Our business donations come from many well-known household brands. 

Inspiring the 3Rs:  Reduce, Re-use and Recycle  


We encourage creativity through making things with what can be found through our myriad workshops, demonstrations and events for our members and their beneficiaries.


We mentor and provide opportunities for a variety of community artists and run our own 'green' festival, ‘Hazelfest’ each year as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe for our local estate community in Wandsworth.

Click here to see our upcoming events

Promoting Volunteering


We offer volunteering opportunities for everybody and welcome volunteers irrespective of ability or background and value all contributions.


Our Corporate Volunteering days are very popular. We also welcome volunteers through volunteer agencies who wish to volunteer with us for one day only.


The majority of our ‘work’ is done by volunteers, equating to two full-time employed people per year.


Encouraging Corporate Social Responsibility


We offer a variety of opportunities for organisations to fulfill their CSR agenda including:

  • Donation of materials (waste and surplus) to us

  • Team volunteering days

  • Reuse arts and crafts workshops on company sites as part of team building or social events.


Annual Reviews

Download our annual report and accounts 2019/2020

Download our annual report and accounts 2018/2019

Download our annual report and accounts 2017/2018

Download our annual report and accounts 2016/2017


Download our annual report and accounts 2015/2016


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