Membership Details

General Information


For an annual fee (see below), you can visit us to collect materials as many times as you like within the membership year. We have two membership periods:

  • 1st September until 31st August

  • 1st April until 31st March

You can join at any time during the year. Please contact the office for more information.


Returning Members

Members will be sent a renewal notice and invoice when their membership renewal fee is due.  We are always grateful for prompt payment as collection of materials is not permitted without up-to-date membership.


If you have not received or have misplaced your renewal notice or invoice, or if you have any queries, get in touch.



New Members 


Please follow the steps below. You can contact us if you need any help.


1. Read and agree to the terms and conditions of membership.


2. Find your membership category:

  • Nurseries, Schools or Colleges*

  • Community Groups

  • Other – student or family or individual

*College membership allows tutors to collect on behalf of students.  If students wish to collect as individuals, please contact us to make arrangements.

3. Estimate the number of people in your organisation or group who will use our materials once or more over the year. We call these ‘end users’. Students, families and individuals don’t need to do this.

4. Select your membership fee as applies to your category, end user numbers and whether or not your organisation is private.

5. Complete a registration form and return it in person to the Scrapstore or email it to

6. When we receive your registration form, we will contact you to confirm the correct fee and arrange invoicing and payment.


7. Once payment has been received, you are a member and you may start to collect materials!


*For State, £3 per additional 10 users, for Private, £4 per additional 10 users (rounded to the nearest 10)

*For State, £3 per additional 10 users, for Private, £4 per additional 10 users (rounded to the nearest 10)

Annual Fees to March 31st 2020


The table below gives an approximate indication of our fees for annual membership. 


Registered as Wandsworth Work and Play

Charity No. 1041641         Company No. 02234306