Stories from the Scrapstore


Teddy Bears and Bumble Bees

Our volunteers Deborah and Berit had a lovely time last week running a workshop at Bumble Bee Nursery School (part of the Kindergartens group) in Wandsworth. Two groups of ten 3 and 4 year-olds were treated to our wildly popular workshop "Dress a Teddy". Cut out cardboard teddy bears (cut from the backing of fabric samples which are otherwise only suitable for incineration!) were dressed up using scrap fabric and paper, ribbons, bows, stickers, foil and more - materials that would otherwise have ended up in the dustbin! The children impressed with their fine motor skills and creative ideas. The teddies were imaginatively dressed as ballerinas, soldiers, football players, guards at Buckingham

#Signs of Welcome

The Scrapstore’s reserves of wonderful materials contain many metres of printed foamboard which Chuck from Transition Town Tooting seized on and sliced up into strips in March this year. These strips are being used in a series of free, fun, thoughtful and creative ‘Signs of Welcome’ workshops run by TTT in conjunction with the Tooting charity CARAS, who work with refugees and asylum-seekers. Each workshop has been run in a different interesting local venue – including the Scrapstore in April. Participants are asked “What would you like to say to welcome people who are new to the community?” So there’s a thoughtful start…then people can take as much time as they want to design and create the

Jayson's street art

Its looking awesome outside the Scrapstore these days...we have various outdoor arts projects on the go, including one from our very own volunteer, Jayson Singh. Just in time for Hazelfest as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe, Jayson completed his first large-scale, outdoor mural. Its a fantastic, eye-catching piece, visible from the main road and cheering up a dull corridor with its sunny disposition. It is loved by local residents, Scrapstore members, volunteers, staff and friends alike. This is what Jayson says about the project: “ I see an echo”, is my painterly interpretation of the concentric ripples one sees on the surface of a pond. The way they share one central beginning and then b

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