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Teddy Bears and Bumble Bees

Our volunteers Deborah and Berit had a lovely time last week running a workshop at Bumble Bee Nursery School (part of the Kindergartens group) in Wandsworth.

Two groups of ten 3 and 4 year-olds were treated to our wildly popular workshop "Dress a Teddy". Cut out cardboard teddy bears (cut from the backing of fabric samples which are otherwise only suitable for incineration!) were dressed up using scrap fabric and paper, ribbons, bows, stickers, foil and more - materials that would otherwise have ended up in the dustbin!

The children impressed with their fine motor skills and creative ideas. The teddies were imaginatively dressed as ballerinas, soldiers, football players, guards at Buckingham Palace, astronauts, divers, and we even had a paleontologist!

Thank you, Bumble Bee Nursery School for inviting us! We hope to come back soon.

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