Stories from the Scrapstore


Have we caught your dreams yet?

This is a brilliant ongoing project by the fantastically talented Jayson Singh. Jayson has constructed a giant frame which acts as a community dream catcher - to catch the aspirations of all who contribute to it. People can get inside, underneath or around it to weave/macrame their design (using saved threads) into one of the hoops. They can also add a water-proof picture (made out of reused materials) representing their aspirations by tying it on with twine. The 'Aspiration Catcher' has seen a number of outings on Hazlelhurst Estate: at Hazelfest as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe in May, followed by various other occasions as it traveled in and out of storage through the autumn and winter.

Human Weaving

What a fantastic project this has been with Smallwood Primary School! In July our lovely artist partner, Weavie Stevie, worked on the field with around 40 children from all year groups at Smallwood School to build a 'human loom' out of children and strips of fabric otherwise destined for the incinerator. Others wiggled and fiddled through the loom to create a fabulously colourful giant weaving. Later in the month, all children and staff in the school (around 400) attached a word to the weaving, written on a bit of paper (otherwise destined for the dustbin!) describing themselves (e.g. strong, brave, eccentric, happy). Stevie was delighted to return to the school this winter to install the

Plastic Free Christmas

One of our local collaborators, Plastic-Free Furzedown (PFF), works to motivate and educate people in their community to help eliminate single-use plastic. As Christmas is approaching, PFF invited the Scrapstore to participate in a workshop to inspire residents to strive for a plastic-free Christmas celebration. This fun event took place at Sprout Arts on November 6th. Equipped with materials from the Scrapstore and plenty of enthusiasm, our fab volunteers Jane and Berit brought lots of inspiring show and tell. Focusing on the wrapping of gifts, decorations, and on plastic-free, they presented an abundance of ideas: handmade cards and envelopes; wrapping of gifts using empty glass jars, c

Getting Crafty With Share Community

We were thrilled to welcome a gang from Share Community Group to visit us on 11th July for a look around and a bit of shop, followed up by an arts and crafts workshop on 19th September. Deborah and Jane raided our store for lots of wonderful junk with which to make selfies and portraits of admired people. All sorts of scraps and bits and pieces - otherwise destined for the bin - were used to make eyes, noses, faces, hair and cheeks and then framed in a disused CD case all ready for display. Our visitors had a wonderful time and Jane and Deborah had such fun working with them! Thanks very much to Cool-it-Art for the crafty idea. If you would like to bring your group down for a visit to the

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