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Getting Crafty With Share Community

We were thrilled to welcome a gang from Share Community Group to visit us on 11th July for a look around and a bit of shop, followed up by an arts and crafts workshop on 19th September.

Deborah and Jane raided our store for lots of wonderful junk with which to make selfies and portraits of admired people. All sorts of scraps and bits and pieces - otherwise destined for the bin - were used to make eyes, noses, faces, hair and cheeks and then framed in a disused CD case all ready for display.

Our visitors had a wonderful time and Jane and Deborah had such fun working with them! Thanks very much to Cool-it-Art for the crafty idea.

If you would like to bring your group down for a visit to the Scrapstore and/or to do some reuse arts and crafts in our kitchen, please do get in touch.

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