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Human Weaving

What a fantastic project this has been with Smallwood Primary School!

In July our lovely artist partner, Weavie Stevie, worked on the field with around 40 children from all year groups at Smallwood School to build a 'human loom' out of children and strips of fabric otherwise destined for the incinerator. Others wiggled and fiddled through the loom to create a fabulously colourful giant weaving. Later in the month, all children and staff in the school (around 400) attached a word to the weaving, written on a bit of paper (otherwise destined for the dustbin!) describing themselves (e.g. strong, brave, eccentric, happy).

Stevie was delighted to return to the school this winter to install the final piece in the main school hall. It now hangs there to represent strength in community with contributions from everyone in the school. How inclusive! We love it!

We would like to thank Sotheby's and the Wimbledon Foundation Community Fund for sponsoring this piece of work to make it possible.

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