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Have we caught your dreams yet?

This is a brilliant ongoing project by the fantastically talented Jayson Singh.

Jayson has constructed a giant frame which acts as a community dream catcher - to catch the aspirations of all who contribute to it.

People can get inside, underneath or around it to weave/macrame their design (using saved threads) into one of the hoops. They can also add a water-proof picture (made out of reused materials) representing their aspirations by tying it on with twine.

The 'Aspiration Catcher' has seen a number of outings on Hazlelhurst Estate: at Hazelfest as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe in May, followed by various other occasions as it traveled in and out of storage through the autumn and winter. Its outings this year have culminated in a wonderful moment in November when we were visited by 50 students from Kingston College - and the catcher caught their hopes and dreams

Watch out out for this giant community sculpture in the future. We're hoping Jayson will get it out at Hazelfest 2020 and at other moments to celebrate art outside on Hazelhurst Estate.

Huge thanks to the Wimbledon Foundation Community Fund for sponsoring this work.

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