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Jayson's street art

Its looking awesome outside the Scrapstore these days...we have various outdoor arts projects on the go, including one from our very own volunteer, Jayson Singh. Just in time for Hazelfest as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe, Jayson completed his first large-scale, outdoor mural. Its a fantastic, eye-catching piece, visible from the main road and cheering up a dull corridor with its sunny disposition. It is loved by local residents, Scrapstore members, volunteers, staff and friends alike.

This is what Jayson says about the project:

“ I see an echo”, is my painterly interpretation of the concentric ripples one sees on the surface of a pond. The way they share one central beginning and then become larger, interests me, as I like to compare this natural behaviour to an echo in visual form. The stylised motif of a water-lily, painted in the middle, not only references my recent interest in Rangoli designs but also forms an iris and pupil of an outline of an eye. It follows the same behaviour as the ripples, becoming bigger and ‘louder’, however it is rather subdued by the choice of vibrant colours. This was a deliberate decision for me, because rather than create the feeling of being watched, I want to draw attention to the notion of ideas becoming bigger and better in any facet of life."

Jayson's project is ongoing as he works with the local community to decorate the pillars underneath Hayesend House tower block...Give us a call on a Tuesday to check if he's working, and if he is, please pop down and come and add your special mark to our community artwork.

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