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Festival Fun!

Scrapstore visited many festivals thoughout the (less rainy) season! We did take our wellies and waterproofs which we did need on many occasions!

We wanted to share all of the wonderful artistic creations we saw at the festivals - lots made out of junk that you could retrieve from your houshold recycling.

Do take a minute to browse through our collection of photographs from Glastonbury, WOMAD and Camp Bestival...

We are sure you will agree that there are lots of inspiring ideas in here.


There was so much great stuff here wherever you looked.

From intricate creations using empty party popper containers and plastic bottles in the kids field to mural-collages using bubble wrap and plastic bottle tops in the Greenpeace area to a huge late night show constructed from


rejected scrap metal ('a Kiss on the Apocalypse') from the Mutoid Waste Company.

We also loved the upcycled goods at AsBeau.


We thought these robots made out of obsolete electrical gadgets were superb.


A big shout out too to Fair grounds fair trade shop. We think what you are doing is great - ethical and lots of recycling/upcycling of junk!

Camp Bestival.jpg

We found some great bunting made out of old rags in the Soul Park. It was a simple idea, brought along by no sew boho.

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