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Amy's Amazing Arty Experience

Work and Play couldn't exist without it's army of volunteers, and we have an amazing group of people who help us out whenever they can. Over the Summer, Amy, a local student, has been helping us out with various projects around the Scrapstore, and has been kind enough to write about her time here.

I have throughly enjoyed my time at the scrap store, helping out over the summer to create advertisement starter packs with samples of what the scrap store can provide for primary and secondary schools. My time there has helped to open my eyes to the beautiful sense of community, with a group of friendly volunteers and with the amazing amount of materials and objects that people brought in, Feeling as though I fitted right in amongst the fabrics and arty materials. :D I enjoyed my time so much so that I hope to return again in the holidays!

We've loved having Amy here, and look forward to seeing her again when her timetable allows.

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