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It IS easy being green!

I can never say enough good things about the volunteers we have here at the Scrapstore. They devote so much of their time and energy to helping us run, and we couldn't manage without them. But as well as volunteering here, many of them also help out with other great causes as well.

Shujaat Mahmood, our 'IT Expert', has been volunteering here every Tuesday since 2013, but, in addition to all he does for us, he has just become a Master Gardener for South London.

The Scheme began in 2010 and is quickly growing, with Master Gardeners being found all over the country. Their role is to promote food growing in their community, eg events, talks, articles, community groups, schools – and other innovative ways to bring people together. They also mentor people new to food growing, offering seasonal advice for a growing season.

We're very proud of Shujaat and his effort at promoting all things green! You can read more about the foundation course he completed here, and might even be tempted to become a Master Gardener yourself!

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