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Happy New Year

For our first blog of the new year, we're very happy to have a guest post from Chloe, one of our student members.

I’m currently a second year student studying a degree in Live Events and Television at London College of Communication. Before this I studied a Foundation Dipolma in Art and Design where I focused on organising educational events about sustainability for the schools. For me, the first step in my development process, before even brainstorming, always starts at a scrapstore. In my opinion, scrapstores are the way forward for this industry because not only do the warehouses encourage inspiration by seeing materials in a new light, but they are also incredibly affordable and most of the money goes to worthy charities. Furthermore, when you are finished with the materials for a production you could always donate them back to the warehouse for another organisation to use again.

My last project was for an emerging festival called LEEFEST who were looking for creative individuals to produce a new experience/activity. We decided the whole idea would be based around creating an exciting and entertaining experience to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the festival. The main concept was an adult treasure hunt involving festival goers receiving a gold bar and some will contain keys which unlock various treasure chests. The treasure chests will be placed by our 10 year themed logos and inside them will contain prizes. These will range from behind the scenes of the festival, meet and greet with artists to free food vouchers. My favourite aspect of this activity was the way it related back to childhood party games as I personally feel that no matter your age, or how developed you are as a person; everyone is still constantly trying to explore the world to find out how they fit in to it.

My next project I’m working on is an executive producing a UAL TEDx talk. My responsibilities include working with the technical team and working very closely with design team. This means that my next step will be to introduce the design team to the scrapstore so their creativity will not be confined working in non-profit organisation being on a limited budget. Also, it will be my job to make sure the event is produced in the most sustainable manner so using the scrapstore will enable us to collect as many creative resources whilst respecting the environment.

For more information about other work I’ve done in partnership with Scrapstores across the UK check out my LinkedIn Page.


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