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Workshopping in Wandsworth

If you went down to the woods last week, you wouldn't find any teddy bears, because they were all hiding out down at Wandsworth Library!

Catherine's 'Dress-A-Teddy' workshop is one of the most popular ones that we run, so when we got the chance to take it on the road to Wandsworth for their Sports Relief fund-raising, we jumped at it!

Around forty under-fives made their own fabulous works of art, with everyone involved having a wonderful time!

Such a good time was had that we did it all again last Thursday, this time at Tooting Library.

Instead of teddy bears, the theme was the old fairy tale of the 'Town Mouse and Country Mouse', with forty children between the ages of two and six making their posh city mice and rustic country mice.

We had a great time working with Tooting and Wandsworth libraries and very much look forward to working with them again in the future - we were made to feel very welcome, and the kids who took part all had fantastic fun!

If you're interested in us running a workshop at your venue, do get in touch!

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