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Giving our volunteers some love!

We couldn't run our super Scrapstore without all of the time, energy and input donated by our wonderful volunteers.

We absolutely rely on their support for all sorts of activities:

  • driving our (sometimes massive!) hire-vans or their own vehicles to collect our supplies from all over London

  • ensuring our myriad deliveries are sorted, organised and processed ready for our members

  • providing creative ideas

  • running workshops and community involvement activities

  • managing our reception

  • social media and website management

  • administrative support

We also welcome 'speed volunteers' who work with us as a one-off for a day and corporate groups who donate their time to support us.

A shout out to all of our regular helpers...Charlies Angels, Head Girl, Lady Ribbon, Team Fabric, Queen of The Felt, Paper Controller, Sequin Cutter, Christmas Queen, Lady Bottle Top, Guru Utilities, the five-handed one, Milk-Bottle-Creator, those other great untitled people who do whatever is needed, Susanne and our many-hatted Susan and Teresa If you think you could help us by donating some of your time, we would love to hear from you!

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