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Rangoli Around

Jayson Singh, our in-house artist, has been busy taking his Rangoli workshop on the road. Keep reading to hear what he's been up to!

Well what a month it has been!

During Brighton Fringe, I ran two Rangoli inspired painting workshops on the grounds of Brighton Pavilion - something which hasn’t been done before apparently. The drop-in sessions were very popular with a lot of demand and interest from kids and their parents. I decided to build my own play tent this time, which provided a safe and fun environment to create in - however the weather was so fab, everyone was working on the grass around the tent. I even had to turn down a few participants due to high demand.

At the Falcon Road Heritage Fest the atmosphere was buzzing, which was reflected in all the paintings

created by the talented artists in an event organised to commemorate the Fire Brigade’s 150 years life-saving service. There were short periods of sunshine, however torrential rain created a challenge for my workshop. But the satisfaction expressed by each participant, made it all worthwhile and my pop-up pavilion managed to keep my tools of the trade dry. I guess it’s not always sunshine and flowers when it comes to outdoor drop-in workshops :)

Thanks for the workshops and the amazing pictures! And if you'd like to do one of Jayson's workshops, keep an eye our events page.

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