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Stockwell Scrapstore Selfies!

Congratulations to Stockwell Primary School who, thanks to Eva in 2A, won a prize of a Scrapstore workshop in the recent Western Riverside Waste Authority 'design a recycled superhero' competition.

On 17th January we joined Mr Serra's very excited class of children to make collages of themselves. The children used a variety of junk to make their collages, starting with a template cut out made from old cardboard hanging files from office clearance. They then decorated these with a range of materials otherwise destined for incineration. It was great to see what they could make from things that would otherwise have been thrown away.

Look at some of the amazing collages made by the children aged 6 and 7! Mr Serra's collage was great too - we particularly like his shiny green shoes and coordinating trousers!

If you are interested in us running a workshop for you at your venue please do get in touch. We have a range of reuse craft activities on offer suitable for all ages and abilities.

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