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It takes a (Little) Village!

Thank you to our talented volunteer Freyja who visited Little Village (a charity set up by Wandsworth mums to provide good-quality used baby clothes and equipment to families who need help) on 1st February to run a paper folding session for them. In her demonstrations and workshops, Freyja uses a wide range of paper otherwise designated as 'waste' as all of her materials are sourced from the Scrapstore.

Freyja reported that she had a fantastic time meeting the volunteers and children in their wonderful work-space. Her favourite participant was little Gus - aged 3 - who made a beautiful rosette. He is surprising dextrous for one so young - well done Gus!

We are looking forward to more crafts at Little Village with our dress a teddy craft session on 1st March, sponsored by Shilton Sharpe Quarry.

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