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A Grand Day Out at Sotheby's!

Catherine and Sascha had such fun visiting Sotheby's on 11th May to be part of their Corporate Social Responsibility day! We were very excited to hear about all of the good work Sotheby's are doing to reuse, reduce and recycle and generally protect the environment:

  • making gorgeous, high quality stationery from out-of-date office supplies (e.g. old letter-headed paper) - freely available to Sotheby's employees,

  • donating good quality clothing to re-use charities supporting people seeking employment through providing smart clothing and interview support: Suited and Booted and Smart Works.

  • supporting the 'One Less' campaign: trying to get people to reduce the amount of plastic (e.g. water bottles) they use in order to minimise the impact of plastic waste on our oceans and rivers. Did you know that from 2002 - 2012, humans produced more plastic that they did in the entire 20th century?

  • proper recycling bins for all different sorts of waste,

  • sustainable, seasonal catering, locally sourced where possible.

We were also thrilled to enjoy cake from the cake sale raising money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and to hear a talk from nutritionist Jacqui Mayes about how to keep our energy up by making good food choices (we have our eye on you Jacqui to come and volunteer at the Scrapstore soon!).

AND...we were the recipients of Sotheby's charity raffle. We are so grateful to everybody who bought raffle tickets, to the team for going to the trouble of sourcing prizes and to the prize donors. We will be spending the money on more good works in the community.

Thank you so much to Kathryn, Chloe, Eleni and Anna for having us and for continuing to support us. Look forward to hosting more Sotheby's volunteers for fun at the Scrapstore soon!

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