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'Here I Am' - Alleyway Theatre

It was a delight to host Alleyway Radical Theatre and friends on 18th May. We were treated to a number of wonderful acts including poetry, music, jembes and bubbles, culminating in an amazing shadow theatre show. They generated a real festival vibe with their pop up tent and entertained us all in spite of the dismal weather!

Sara, the manager of Alleyway Theatre, sent us this message:

"Thank you so much for Thursday, we really enjoyed it and it was great to also meet some of the volunteers of the Scrapstore who were kind, helpful and full of ideas. It was nice also that some of the children and locals came through at different points despite the rain. For us all it was really great!! It also gave us some ideas of how to do things better and maybe more engaging next time especially for the children as a few of them said they would like to do the theatre themselves."

Thanks so much for writing to us Sara. Hope to see you and your friends soon for more collaboration!

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