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Fabulous Friends

Here at the Scraptore we need all the help that we can get to process our mountains of donations - to make the junk beautiful in readiness for our lovely members to use for their arts, crafts, design and play projects.

During July we have had outstanding help from our friends at Sotheby's who have treated us to support from no less than 9 volunteers! Cutting, winding, sorting, folding, tidying, fundraising - Emma, Marina and Harriet then Bea, Isabel, Alice, Kat, Lise and Christina were prepared to do anything we asked. Thank you so much! We do hope to see all of you again...we will be saving up our jobs!

Meanwhile, Eva, Giacomo and Riccardo, Italian Volunteers from Volunteer in the World have tackled some of our really heavy duty tasks: - including processing massive tarpaulins, huge foam pieces and sorting out our store room. They worked outside a lot, in spite of the changeable British weather. Well done all of you and and best of luck with what you do next!

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