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Gardens of Refuge from Refuse

Our lovely friends – Transition Town Tooting and their lovely friends - CARAS (Community Action for Refugees and Asylum seekers) have had a great success with their ‘Gardens of Refuge’. The project is funded by Aviva (funding achieved through a public vote) with the objective of connecting gardening, creativity and the communities of refugees and asylum seekers.

Part of the project was to create a mural as decoration for the water catchment shelter in the Transition Town Tooting community garden on North Drive in Tooting, near the Lido. A gorgeous mural has been created; we suggest a visit.

What a wonderful achievement with materials sourced from our very own Scrapstore including: foam board, paint, CDs, CD cases, ex-window display scraps, bottle tops – a gorgeous mish-mash of stuff that has helped in creating interesting shapes and textures.

What an ace project! We hope the lead artist on the project - Jeni Walker - can use our materials for other exciting projects in the future.

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