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Wonderful Reuse at Wonder Day!

The wind and rain didn’t stop hundreds of people visiting Veolia’s Wonder Day as part of Open House in Southwark on Saturday 22nd September...and our fab trustees Gill and Berit were there getting crafty with our wondrous upcycled arts and crafts materials. Veolia run Wonder Day each year to show people first-hand how recyclables and black bag waste is turned into new green products and energy.

Thanks to Coolit Art's fantastic crafty ideas, we worked with the kids (and some Dads and Mums!) to make 'selfies' from junk and frame them in an empty CD case. Outcomes were super as you can see from the lovely photos... Who’d have thought that green bottle tops make perfect eyes? That pipe cleaners bend to the perfect curve of a mouth? Wool and sequin waste can look just like hair.

Recycling can be such fun! Thanks so much to Veolia for inviting us to be part of their Wonder Day...we had a a wonderful time!

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