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Mapping Wandsworth's Creativity

Our Trustees Berit Ahmad and Catherine May had a lovely evening on Wednesday 26th September in Battersea at the Royal College of Art for the launch of a limited edition map of Arts and Culture venues in the Borough of Wandsworth. The map was produced by Elizabeth Lynch from What Next? Wandsworth, designed by Giulia Garbin and Florian Michelet with wonderful illustrations by Dale Crosby Close. The map shows 50 Art, Culture and Heritage sites throughout Wandsworth, of which the Scrapstore is one. The map is intended to be used by local residents, artists and community organizations.

Hannah Lambert the Public Engagement Manager at RCA, offered drinks and nibbles on arrival in the wonderful Dyson Gallery on Hester Road. We were very pleased to be invited and excited to be there amongst other people keen to promote the amazing creative venues available in our borough.

The Mayor of Wandsworth Piers McCausland and his wife, Elizabeth, were presented with a framed copy of the map. The Mayor talked about how the map was a major step forward for the arts, and he congratulated all those involved and said how impressed he was with a map showing “the hidden gems within the Borough”. He had recently been surprised to read that one in four jobs in London were in the creative industries.

Cllr Steffi Sutters was introduced and was pleased to be presented with a framed map and talked about how Wandsworth was a place that should be very proud of its creative and arts culture heritage.

Berit and Catherine enjoyed meeting Ian Mitchell from Enable Leisure & Culture and Mayor McCausland, having the opportunity to explain how exciting it is being involved with Work and Play Scrapstore. Both gentlemen seemed keen to explore our website and left clutching our business cards.

A limited run of 10,000 of these beautiful fold-out maps have been printed and are available at the Scrapstore, or directly from Elizabeth Lynch at What Next? Wandsworth.

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