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Student Special

Its always a pleasure to host groups of they can browse our store to shop for our kooky materials and so that we can hopefully inspire them with our work: reduce, reuse and slow down that waste cycle!

Our lovely friend Nicole Line (lecturer, artist and workshop leader) brought a fab group of students down to the Scrapstore on 22nd January from UCA Farnham. They are all BA textiles, product, glass, ceramics, metal or jewellery students and they were after a wide range of materials to reuse in their Maker & Materials Lab workshop facilitated by Nicole later in the week.

Our standard stuff was taken...fabrics, paper, trimmings, paint and wood...but it was great to see the more weird and wonderful disappearing too...washing up and CD racks, tubing, a massive metal lamp-shade, damp-proofing and metal grids...all promising super-exciting outcomes!

Great to see you all you inspiring lot! Do come and see us again soon to collect wacky stuff for your work.

We really welcome student groups with tutors and always provide a talk about our work and a facilitated shop of our sustainable materials. Please get in touch if you are a tutor, teacher or course leader and would be interested in bringing your class or group along.

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