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Strength Together

Wow, well done Weavie Stevie! We always LOVE the work you choreograph!

For Wandsworth Arts Fringe, Stevie has been working with Fircroft and Broadwater Primary Schools to make individual contributions with children from all age groups in the schools.

She has built community towers representing 'strength together' from bricks made by the children portraying their special individual contribution to the school community. The towers were exhibited at the Wandsworth Arts Fringe Schools Showcase on the 9th May at the Civic Centre, Wandsworth Town Hall.

The bricks are made from donated foam from Martin Speed which has been previously used as packaging for moving fine-art and antiques from place-to-place and would otherwise end up in the incinerator. The decoration is waste paint and found objects sent to the Scrapstore rather than being sent to the dustbin.

We love the results. Would you like one for your organisation, group or school? Get in touch if you would!

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