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Shouting out about Scrappy!

We've been out and about a lot at the end of November. Firstly at the Putney Society's Arts event on 28th November to show off our lovely upcycled stuff alongside talking about our charity's work and then at the Camberwell Christmas Arts Market on 30th, selling upcycled handmade crafts. We love getting out and about and shouting out about what we do! This is what our Trustee Deborah had to say about the Putney Society's event:

"It was a great privilege to be invited by the Putney Society to join the “Arts in Putney” evening on 28th November. This event was a showcase for the exciting arts scene in Putney and included performances by Putney Verse, Japonica Singers and Putney Arts Theatre. There were also exhibition stands for choirs, art groups and theatre and dance companies within the local area.

Scrapstore volunteers, Teresa & Deborah, put on a beautiful display using some of the gorgeous materials that Scrapstore saves from landfill to give some idea of what is available from our treasure trove store.

Our eye-catching stand attracted lots of interest and we had the great pleasure of engaging with attendees and explaining in more detail what Scrapstore represents. We loved the enthusiasm with which we were received and have gained new followers to our message of the ‘artful reuse of would be lost resources for the benefit of the community’."

We did some marvelous fundraising at Camberwell and huge thanks to Gill, Freyja and Alex for all their hard work at the market.

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