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Christmas Crafts with Childminders

At the end of November, we were delighted to pop along to the Early Years Centre at Siward Road and get crafty with lots of childminders with their tots.

We made loads of sparkly festive projects....Dangling CD snowflakes, pom-pom trees, frosty snowmen and beautiful baubles. All of the materials used were saved from landfill or incineration and all of the creative ideas came from our wonderful volunteers Jane and Berit who ran the event.

We entertained little ones from 6 months to 3 years old and everyone was super-enthusiastic to get involved including the grown-ups! Many gorgeous crafty items were proudly taken away for mummy, daddy, grandma and aunties and uncles.

We're looking forward to running more crafty activities for childminders in the Spring...We're already coming up with creative ideas! If you're interested in coming along, let Liz Hickson know.

If you would like us to come to your venue and run some upcycling arts and crafts we would love to hear from you, do get in touch!

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