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‘Re-building’ the Towers of Summerstown

Scrapstore has been busy rebuilding the second of the two Towers of Summerstown, brick by brick, with the help of residents, the public and its members.

They came together to decorate a (foam) brick using our repurposed materials to create a 15-block-high tower which replicated the 15-storey real thing.

The real thing are the two Towers of Summerstown on the Hazelhurst Estate, built over the site of a bomb crater from the second World War. Scrapstore’s premises are in the single storey building between the two towers.

Masterminding the project and on hand to help was local artist Weavie Stevie who has already done so much to add colour to the Hazelhurst Estate.

“The actual towers are the two tower blocks built on the area hit by a V2 rocket during the war,” explained Stevie. ”Each brick represents a person and each person was asked to think of a word that describes them and to decorate a brick with that word.”

Everybody’s efforts were rewarded with coffee and scrummy cakes .

The first Towers of Summerstown was completed by Scrapstore members and local children last summer. It can be seen in the Scrapstore foyer, next to its neighbouring tower.

The event was sponsored by the Wimbledon Community Fund

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