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Say hello to our new Trustee!

We're very pleased to introduce our newest trustee, Justin Davin Smith! Read on to find out more about Justin, in his own words.

It is a great honour to be asked to be a trustee for such an admirable, sustainable and relevant grass roots project such as WAPS. Its fate, the way that I discovered the store, and such a perfect example of serendipity, that I know it can only be a positive and enjoyable journey for all of us. I wear two hats. Not literally! I’m first and foremost an artist, and I used to pay the rent by working as a grant and project adviser for Goldsmiths University. (Basically writing grants to those with the money so that we could fund our projects – yes it is a job!)

Anyway, as my art practice involves, well, rubbish and its reuse, I was merrily searching the web for likely projects that I would be interested in, when lo and behold WAPS appeared on my screen, and not only was that interesting – they were also looking for a fundraising trustee, and get this one with grant writing experience - you couldn’t make it up!

So, that’s how we started the beginning of a beautiful friendship that I hope will be fruitful and professional and also fun and full of hope for a better and brighter future for the project and all of the staff and volunteers that make it such a positive thing.

(If you’re interested my work can be seen at with more rubbish being recreated at my studio on a daily basis!)

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