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Make your own Cragg Stack

At the Scrapstore we LOVE art made out of junk! This is a great example of how to use miscellaneous collected objects to create a fascinating piece of artwork (requiring significant engineering in its construction).

As written by our member aged 10:

'Inspiration: Tate Modern

Exhibit: Tony Cragg - Stack 1975

Idea: make your own miniature Cragg Stack in a classroom or huge ones on playing fields, tennis/basketball courts/playgrounds

Aim: to use materials that we would normally throw away to develop a large school/community creation

The original Stack by Tony Cragg is a well-known piece of modern art that is being displayed currently at the Tate Modern in the new 'Switch House'. My mum and I went for a day out at the Tate Modern, focused on the newest area which we enjoyed immensely. We were walking around the Switch House when we came across the Stack by Tony Cragg, Suddenly an incredible idea popped into my head...why not make my own?'

So go for it - collect random stuff that would otherwise be thrown away and make it gorgeous! Send us some pictures!

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