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Community Art and Work and Play Scrapstore

Over the years Work and Play Scrapstore has worked with many community artists to help add colour and creativity to Hazelhurst Estate where our premises are.

Airborne Mark is one. You can’t help but notice the large chameleon that graces an entire side of our building, designed and implemented for us by Airborne Mark. Completion of the work was interrupted for a whole week when Mark had to take part in an international competition in Bosnia. Luckily the weather held and the project was soon completed upon his return.

Much to our amazement he continued the fantastic work, transforming what was a drab and rusty yellow entrance door into a work of art. It makes Work and Play Scrapstore much easier to find.

Airborne Mark also uploads entertaining, educational and interesting stuff on his website, youtube and social media channels. Please check him out, especially his latest newsletter targeted at keeping us entertained during these trying times. In his new youtube series followers send him Origami designs and he makes a piece of his artwork based on it – take a look

Our premises have also been artfully worked on by award-winning community artists Jayson Singh and Weavie Stevie. Jayson spearheaded all the wonderful Rangoli designs on the pillars and entrance way to Scrapstore, engaging residents of the Estate and others to complete over 100 designs. Weavie Stevie created the amazing mosaic mural depicting the word Hazelhurst close to our entrance.

Huge thanks to all three for putting Work and play Scrapstore on the map!

Huge thanks to all three for putting Work and play Scrapstore on the map!

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