Getting Hands On with Google

Here at Work and Play Scrapstore, we have an amazing team of volunteers who do a fantastic job of keeping us running for 50 weeks of the year. But every now and then, it's nice to get an extra helping hand, so when Hands On London if we'd like to host a group from Google we jumped at the chance.

​Sure enough, on Thursday 16 July, 10 intrepid Googlers showed up bright and early, ready to get stuck in. After giving them a quick guided tour and potted history, we soon split them up into groups to tackle a variety of tasks that needed doing around the Scrapstore.

About half the team got settled in the kitchen (always handy to be near the tea and biscuits!) and got busy sorting through several large boxes of fabric samples and winding lace into bundles so they were ready for our members. In the back of the store, we were thrilled that the (huge!) bundle of orange wire that we've been afraid to tackle was completely untangled and cut up into small portions. We even had one game Googler washing up some of our supply of bottle-tops!

​After lunch, our Chris had to collect a large delivery from one of our favourite suppliers; the chance to go on a ride-a-long was jumped at by the brave Carolina, who rode shot-gun in our handy zip-van and got completely stuck in with loading and unloading, as you can see!