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Kids against plastic

Scrapstore spent a craft day at Southside Shopping Centre on April 29th under the shadow of a stunning display of jellyfish made from single use plastic by 50 primary classes from schools across Wandsworth. Their efforts formed an exhibition called Single Use Planet to highlight the damage they do to our planet and our oceans in particular. To drill home the point, children spent time with us making jellyfish and portraits from recycled Scrapstore materials, demonstrating artful re-use! The fabric, buttons, beads, paper and trims are all part of Scrapstore's regular upcycled stock, which allows us to divert over 60 tonnes of waste from landfill and incineration each year. Single Use Planet was a collaborative project facilitated by Wandsworth Council and the Royal College of Art, in partnership with Kids Against Plastic and hosted by Southside Shopping Centre.


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