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Roaring Raptors in Roehampton!

Work and Play had a fantastic day out at ROAM's Dino Day on 14 May - Alton went Ancient for Wandsworth Fringe, and we were there getting stuck in with our 'Dress-A-Dino' stall.

Catherine and Georgia were joined during the day by a whopping three hundred children of all ages, all eager to decorate their very own triceratopses, tyrannosaurus rexes and diplodocuses with fabric, glitter and all different kinds of trimmings from the Scrapstore.

We were thrilled to be asked to participate with ROAM's event, as they are a fantastic initiative for the local community, 'working towards dynamic and accessible creative and cultural programming for Roehampton'.

Check out our pictures below for some of the wonderful creations, or visit ROAM's website to see more pics from the day and find out more about them.

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