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Creative Encounters in Roehampton

Thank you to ROAM for asking us to join their 'Creative Encounter' at The Feel Good Festival with Regenerate on Sunday 3rd July.

We were very excited to take our Mobile Green Studio to the green on Danebury Avenue to provide open access to a wide variety of materials for community making. Children and families were invited to make what they liked with what they could find, with no right or wrong outcome.

We were thrilled with the outputs: wonderful 'milk bottle puppets', suitably dressed and blinged up to party using a wide variety of our donated junk; pictures using a variety of scrap resources; personalised trading cards from out-of-date business cards; dressing up costumes from scrap fabric and customised badges made from lanyards wasted after big corporate conferences.

We could not have been there without the generous support from our very own Ruth Moyler, Specialist Leader in Education based at John Donne School in Southwark (where they have a permanent Green Studio in their playground!). Thank you Ruth!

The Mobile Green Studio is available to book to come to your school, organisation or event. Please contact the General Manager if you are interested.

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