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Funky Frames

We had a fab day out on 5th October at Christs School in Richmond making photo frames with Year 7 and 8 Art club. Christs offers free arts enrichment activities after school for these year groups on a non-selective basis.

Weavie Stevie was on form with her fab ideas to make frames from junk...We used cardboard boxes, scrap fabric, trinkets, trimmings, stuffing and old party toys. The glue guns were out in force and there was a hive of activity to come up with gorgeous creations! We were very impressed with what the young people came up with in just an hour. What a super idea Stevie, looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Thanks to Mr Brooks-Beckman and Ms Nayyar for having us. Looking forward to seeing you in November to make rangoli tiles!

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