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AGM Fun!

We all enjoyed celebrating our success during the Financial Year ending March 2018 at our AGM on 16th October. There was a super turn-out to meet Patrick Moon, our new Chair of Trustees and to hear about our achievements.

Our lovely annual report was presented with the following highlights:

  • our operating costs were (almost) covered for the first time in 3 years through our membership income, generous grants and donations and through our fundraising activities

  • we 'touched' around 28,500 people with our materials through outreach work, volunteering or membership

  • we 'saved' c. 37.28 tonnes of waste from land-fill or incineration

  • around 100 London-based businesses donated their waste/surplus to us

  • there was an increase in membership from 416 to 430 member groups/individuals (totaling an estimated 26,800 end users).

  • materials were collected from the store by different people/groups 2008 times! The estimated value of materials collected from us by our members was £98,300

  • we recorded a tremendous 530 working days worked by our volunteers at the Scrapstore. Additional work is done off-site, at home and at weekends which we do not record. We have around 35 regular volunteers.

  • we ran 32 separate outreach activities (workshops, demos, festivals...) including our very own events and work with other charities, schools and community groups.

We also celebrated our very first Hazelfest, fundraising at Richmond May Fair and teddy-bear's picnic on Hazelhurst Estate. The first 2 we have already repeated this year due to their tremendous success!

It was wonderful to feel so much support from our fantastic volunteers, staff, Board of Trustees, artist partners, local Councilors and members. Thank you to our new Chair, Patrick for running such a convivial meeting, and for providing us with such lovely beverages!

Here's to another successful year for the Scrapstore!

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